~The XSEED Saga: Chapter 2: Digital and Physical Goodness~

The wait for Ragnarok Odyssey DLC is finally over! Now available is our first batch of DLC, including 4 paid accessories and 3 free outfits with bonus cards and new music, all available in the PlayStation©Store (Go! Go and download!). And if that isn’t enough, new DLC will be arriving every single week until the end of March. Now you too can be the prettiest mercenary(*) at the fort.

Plus, for those who don’t have Ragnarok Odyssey yet or for those who bought the Mercenary Edition and were looking to add to your physical monster card collection, even more good news comes your way! We have updated our online store with quite a few new goodies: XSEED Games Store

– Ragnarok Odyssey (Standard Edition)
– Ragnarok Odyssey (Mercenary Edition)
– Ragnarok Odyssey – Monster Cards
– The Last Story (Standard Edition)
– The Last Story (Limited Edition)

Whether you’re looking for a classic love story or just want to be a lean, mean, giant-fighting machine, we’ve got you covered from every angle.


But wait! There’s more!

If you order within the next ten minutes(*), you can choose a bonus item to be included with your purchase! Just click “Add special instructions to the seller” during Paypal checkout and tell us which item you’d like, choosing from anything that’s currently being sold on the store for $5, or an item from this list of not-for-sale past goodies:

– Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Musical Selections CD
– The Last Story Musical Selections CD
– Ragnarok Odyssey Musical Selections CD
– Ragnarok Odyssey Mercenary Guide

Boring legal stuff:
– Valid only to residents of the United States
– Supplies of each item limited, only while supplies last
– All normal rules of our online store, such as $20 minimum purchase requirement, still apply
– “Prettiest mercenary” is a subjective term and we make no guarantees that a ‘Floppy Cat’ hat will win you the Midgard beauty pageant
– “Ten minutes” in cheap infomercial time corresponds to 2 weeks real time
– Do not taunt ‘Happy Fun Ball’

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