Xbox 360 Slim

320GB Xbox 360 Slim Hard Drive

Still debating on making the big jump to buy a larger Xbox 360 slim hard drive?

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson released a bit of info regarding some new content included in the purchase of the 320GB hard drive model.  Come this March, the 320GB model, priced at USD$129.99,  will now come with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Ms. Splosion Man, and as an added bonus just for being you: Pinball FX2 with Sorcerer’s Lair.

Normally it would be Lego Star Wars 3 added to the bundle, so its nice to see Microsoft up the ante by including better ga,es . Also, Major Nelson is holding a contest “open to anyone who lives in an Xbox region” to win one of these brand new 320GB Xbox 360 Slim hard drives. Rules and how to enter can all be found on Major Nelson’s website.


Arik Yates
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