Deep Down revealed by Capcom at the PlayStation 4 press conference

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono is widely recognized among gamers as one of the greats in fighting game development. However, Ono’s presence at the PlayStation 4 press conference didn’t herald the latest in Capcom fighting games, but rather introduced a new game called Deep Down (working title), powered by their new Panta Rhei graphics engine.

While not much is known at this time, Deep Down appears to be an action RPG with a dark fantasy setting. This description can easily be used to describe another one of Capcom’s recent titles, Dragon’s Dogma, so it’s not as if Capcom is venturing into unfamiliar territory. Beyond the obvious similarities, such as dragons, a medieval setting, and sorcery, there is little to compare between Deep Down and Dragon’s Dogma. It seems to be just enough, however, to open the door to speculation.

What’s especially interesting is that there are certain points in the Deep Down teaser trailer where a weapon display appears on screen. This can lead one to the assumption that the trailer was rendered within the Panta Rhei engine, serving as a testament to what it will be capable of.  Of course, these could just as easily be pre-rendered sequences that we’re being shown, and we won’t know for sure until more information is shown. What the trailer does show us, however, is how stunningly detailed the characters and the environment are. Check out Capcom’s segment of the press conference to find out more about Deep Down and Panta Rhei for yourself, as well as the first teaser.

For the time being, Capcom has left us with only a few crumbs of information to pick at, so for now we have to wait for E3 2013 or later before we can get our fill.  Until then all that we can do is get ready to face our fears in Deep Down, unless we decide to die as cowards.


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