Do you want to be the first to know? We certainly do! With Sony’s Meeting starting up in around an hour (watch the live stream here), we here at OpRainfall have put together a list of what we are expecting or hoping for. We will be right here, with all of you, watching the meeting and covering the news as it breaks. While you wait, check out the predictions the staff at oprainfall are making for the event.

Do we want a shiny new PlayStation with backwards compatibility? Do we care about graphics? What types of games are we hoping to see? Continue reading on to find out exactly what we here at oprainfall are hoping and dreaming for.

PlayStation See the Future PS4

Charlotte Buckingham- Editing Manager

  • PS4
  • Specs
  • Price
  • launch window
  • Maybe some games which will then be discussed in greater detail at E3.

David Rawlings- Editor

  • Humorous prediction. Sony drop all standard controls and everything will use the MOVE.
  • The Guardian new trailer.
  • PS4
  • Vita XL

Arik Yates- Author

  •  I’d love to a FF12 HD remake as a launch title for the ps4.
  • The last guardian would be nice to see/hear about.
  • A new Kings Field or Bushido Blade games. Haven’t seen this since the psx!

Steve Baltimore- Reporting Manager

 I know that this is a long shot, but I am really hoping to see Persona 5 tonight. One thing is certain we will see ridge racer tomorrow or there can be no console. (grin)

I am hoping for God of War for the Vita, maybe even see some more of Killzone. As for the PS4 at launch I would love to see some old classics return like Twisted Metal, Legend of Dragoon would be sweet (not gonna happen) Maybe a Warhawk game with a single player as well. Who knows if the the third parties will have anything cooking or not. BC would be nice but is not necessary really.

I hope they don’t mess with the controller design too much, I love the dual shock myself. They could fix those back triggers a bit better and add some weight to controller but that is all that I think the controller needs.

Ryan Tyner- Website Owner

I expect that many of the rumors will end up being true. Like the subscription service that, while not required to play online, most of the PS4’s featured will be tied into online making it necessary for most users. I also think that backwards compatibility will come via a streaming service as predicted. I expect the price to be $399 for the PS4 without anything extra included and $499 with a paid subscription for something like 6 months and some other features as well. The PS4 will be announced for the holidays 2013. In terms of games, I don’t have any predictions except that Square Enix will be showcasing FFXIV for the PS4.

I am actually alright with all the rumors I have heard, the only thing that would make me happier is if the PS4 had PS3 disc compatibility which I do not expect. As long as the PS4 does not require an online service and does not block used games, I am looking forward to purchasing the console as soon as I know there are some games I want for it.

Also I love Arik’s idea of a Final Fantasy XII remake for launch. Make it so, Square Enix. Though I don’t think that will happen because I predict that is what they are going to do with their Final Fantasy X HD.

Devin Kotani- Author

I expect to hear lots about the system’s connectivity features, since that seems to be a common thread in lots of the rumours. I also expect more focus on games and whatnot than specs, since I don’t believe the graphics jump is going to be nearly as large as it was in previous generations, so the difference won’t be as readily apparent.

Jeff Neuenschwander- Editing Manager

Here’s my two cents to this: I agree with Devin’s assertion that they won’t focus much on the hardware specs. From what I understand, the system is rumored to be about as powerful as a current mid-range computer. So, comparatively speaking, the jump to PS4 would be small compared to the jump to PS3.

Connectivity is going to be a big part of the system. You’ll see some sort of Miiverse-type thing that can be accessed in-game. But probably the biggest will be the use of streaming service Gaikai on the PS4. There may even be something that allows for streaming of PS4 games onto the Vita as well through Gaikai.

For games, backwards compatibility will probably be there but only for the PS3 – at least through physical media. The Move and the Eye will still be a big part of the system but maybe with new versions of them coming for the system. And I think used games will still be playable on this system, since Sony will probably not want to be the first to tie games to one single system.

Price range will probably be between $400-450, with an additional $100 for a deluxe edition. The difference will not be because of memory (which will probably be around 250G for the basic) but because of additional features that will be offered to purchasers, such as membership into PS Plus, trials for things like Netflix, and anything else they have to surprise us.

Crystal Baltimore- Manager

Hmm and now I need to give you my hopes and predictions. Actually, I have no predictions so I will just share my hopes. Having read quite a few of the rumors going around, and a few “confirmed rumors” I was a bit taken aback. I do hope that the launch price for the console is not too steep but I am expecting around $ 400.00. I hope that the console will be backwards compatible but this would not be a deal breaker for me. I genuinely like Sony products and I hope to be able to walk away from this meeting with a smile on my face and a desperate need to save my cash and purchase whatever they may or may not be offering.

My hope for tonight is that I can let go of any preconceived ideas that might be wallowing around inside of my brain and just take the meeting as it comes.  What are you hoping for or expecting from Sony’s meeting tonight? Stick with us folks, it should be a fun night!


Crystal Colwell
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