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Famitsu reveals early buyers of the upcoming HD port of Resident Evil: Revelations, at least in Japan, will enjoy three special DLC handguns: a “Jill model” Samurai Edge, a “Parker model” Government, and a “Jessica model” G18. Players will be able to wield these handguns in both story mode and Raid Mode. The magazine also reveals story mode’s item placements will differ from their 3DS positions, allowing for a new playing experience for veterans of the game. Additionally, the Famitsu article reiterates extra Raid Mode perks Capcom announced last month.

Resident Evil: Revelations HD | Jill Valentine DLC Samurai Edge Handgun

Resident Evil: Revelations HD | Parker Luciani DLC Government Handgun

Resident Evil: Revelations HD | Jessica Sherawat DLC G18 Handgun

Resident Evil: Revelations for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Windows will be released in North America May 21, 2013, in Australia and Japan May 23, 2013, and in Europe May 24, 2013. Until it comes out, read our review of the 3DS original to find out what the game has to offer.


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