Mystic Chronicles/Fantasy Chronicle logo (Japanese)

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Mystic Chronicles/Fantasy Chronicle logo (Japanese)

Natsume is bringing Kemco and Hit-Point‘s RPG Mystic Chronicles to the PSP. This looks like good, old-school RPG fun, with 16-bit graphics and turn-based battles.

The story follows a boy named Lux. Adopted by a small village, he joins the Guardians Guild to protect his village. His plan is thrown for a loop, however, when he meets a young girl.

Kemco originally released Mystic Chronicles for iOS as Fantasy Chronicle in the West. It seems Natsume is working on a fresh translation for the PSP port—one screenshot reveals that the main character’s name will be Lux, which differs from his original name, Light, in the iOS version. Until more information about Mystic Chronicles becomes available, read about the original iOS version at the Fantasy Chronicle minisite.

Mystic Chronicles - Lux

Fantasy Chronicle - Light (Lux) and other characters


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