Fire Emblem Awakening

Love is certainly in the air on this special Valentine’s Day as Nintendo of Europe have announced that Fire Emblem: Awakening will finally be getting a ‘date’ with Europe. Get it? Do ya get it? … *cough*.

Fire Emblem Awakening Featured 001 europe
Marth and Chrom are very excited about coming to Europe.

Todays Nintendo Direct revealed that the eagerly anticipated 3DS title will be arriving to European shores on April 19th, 2013. It will also be available to download from the 3DS e-Shop on the same date.

An extra surprising announcement is that there will be a bundle pack featuring a copy of the game and a blue 3DS-XL, which will be exclusive to Europe. It’s also been confirmed that all the DLC will be coming their way too. Nice!

How European.
How European.

So, come April 19th are you going to be ready to fight for your friends?

Check out the North American trailer below:



David Rawlings
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