Would you like to play Capcom’s upcoming game collection Capcom Arcade Cabinet on a retro arcade stick? If you live in North America and enter Capcom’s new art contest, you might be able to do just that with a Capcom Arcade Cabinet-themed Mad Catz arcade stick. The stick will also work with a ton of other games.

Mad Catz Capcom Arcade Cabinet arcade stick mock-up

How to Win the Capcom Arcade Cabinet Arcade Stick

Create a piece of art for for the first three games that will be available in Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Black Tiger, 1943 and/or Avenger. It can be a more modern take, or something paying homage to arcade flyer art of old. Capcom is looking at all entries, and they even encourage those who may not be too artistically inclined to enter the contest, as well:

Obviously, we want to great artists to win, but we also have more than one stick to give away for both PS3 and 360. So in order to encourage as many people as possible to participate, we’d like to give at least one out to some of you creative folks out there who may not be all that artistically adept. Doesn’t matter if you can’t draw or Photoshop a lick, just as long as we can see the potential in your creation. Seriously, give it a shot!

To enter the contest, submit your art in the comments section of Capcom’s contest page.

Mad Catz Capcom Arcade Cabinet arcade stick mock-up with game logo

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