Iwata Nintendo Direct

The crafty people over at NeoGAF have uncovered what appears to be still images from Nintendo’s Youtube channel, in what seems to be videos prepared for the upcoming Nintendo Direct. The images were captured from private videos Nintendo has on the channel. There are private videos for Fire Emblem: AwakeningLEGO City Undercover, as well as Animal Crossing: New Leaf .

There is not much to go on, it looks like Satoru Iwata in a Luigi cap, Reggie Fils-Aime, and Bill Trinen.  None the less, we can share these still images with you courtesy of the fine folks from NeoGAF, in particular duckroll and JosiahB. Please note that these images could be for something else entirely.

Iwata Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct 1 Nintendo Direct 2 Nintendo Direct 3


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