Two Tribes, developers of the upcoming Wii U title Toki Tori 2, have recently posted a new developer blog highlighting some of the Wii U exclusive features when the game releases later this year. Some of the features include off-TV Gamepad play, a “Tokidex” inspired by games like Pokemon Snap, and potentially a level editor and cool Miiverse features to be added in the future, including the ability to share custom levels for download via Miiverse and even compatibility with levels created via the Steam version.

Niels from Two Tribes also explains how the Gamepad will function:

Unlike some other games, we don’t mirror the two screens: you either play on your TV or on your GamePad, and you can switch between them with the Select button or via the options menu. If you ask me, this is a big pro: I lovedNew Super Mario Bros. U, but when I wanted to play on the TV screen, my eyes were constantly drawn to the GamePad. I was happy to hear this won’t happen when playing Toki Tori 2!

This setup also makes it possible to display some extra info on the GamePad when playing on the TV, similar to what many Nintendo DS games do. For example, it will show where Toki Tori is in the current scene, as well as the songs you’ve discovered so far.

Regarding features they would like to implement in a post-release update and future Miiverse plans:

This ties in with the next Wii U feature we want to tackle. We’re really enamored with MiiVerse, and want to integrate it into Toki Tori 2. Of course, there will be a Toki Tori 2 community, but otherwise, we’re waiting to see what else will be added to the service. What if you could create levels with the editor, then share them via MiiVerse and allow others to open them with a single click? What if this could tie in with levels created in the Steam version? All of this might come true!


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