Brelston, Community Manager for Capcom-Unity, brought some good news to frequenters of Capcom-Unity. Starting this weekend, the points you earn by participating online can be used to enter raffles and contests for really neat-o Capcom prizes. To kick it off, the first raffle winner will receive the first three paperback Mega Man comic books from Archie Comics.

In addition to starting up a site-favorite program, they’ve also updated the user rankings and upped the cap. Who DOESN’T want to be a RobotMaster? Maverick? World Warrior? Or a Son of Sparda? Count me in! So if you were at the top of the food chain on Capcom-Unity, it looks like you’ve got even more to do and more rewards to reap.

You can earn points by posting in the forums, writing blog posts, and submitting pieces to be featured on Capcom-Unity’s pages. If you’re an avid visitor of their website and a forum frequenter, you can get started right now. What other prizes are there on the horizon? Certainly a plethora of goodies from the makers of Megaman, DmC, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and other entries that would be on that long list of Capcom’s franchises and pedigrees.



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