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The Downpour Podcast Episode 7: The Xenoblade Spoilercast

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The month of January has been absolutely insane for Operation Rainfall! Before all the crazy, the Operation Rainfall Staff decided to set aside January 18th, 2013 as the official recording date for the Xenoblade Spoilercast. Recall what happened two days before then, if you would. What started as a podcast centered around Xenoblade became the proper send-off to the campaign as a whole.

But, beyond moments of celebration and moments of absolute insanity, this podcast does primarily focus on Xenoblade Chronicles. Which is to say, it spoils everything ever. BE MINDFUL OF THIS BEFORE LISTENING! As with the big roundtable on Square-Enix, this podcast will be broken down to speed to the parts of discussion that are most relevant to you, or better, to warn you when the spoilers come.



0:01 – 19:00 Introductions, “something no one saw coming”, “What’s next?”
19:01 – 35:41 Spoiler-free Xenoblade talk, Game of the Year talk, talk of spoiling games in general.


35:42 – 52:14 “You exist outside the pre-established harmony.”
52:15 – 1:10:09 “Time can flow only towards the inevitable.”
1:10:10 – 1:32:11 “It was simple¬†curiosity…”
1:32:12 – 1:39:15 Conclusion

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