We’re now into Week 3 of Sony’s 6 Weeks 6 Games promotion. First we had Samurai Beatdown, and last week we got Beats Slider. This week, the free game is Cubixx!

Cubixx is an old-school styled puzzle game breaking into a new dimension. You need to destroy all six sides of a cube to release the energy within. This is accomplished by sliding around and across the sides of the cube, leaving a trail of light behind you. When the light trail completes a shape, that area is erased. However, you have to watch out for the enemies on the cubes. if they touch you or your light trail before it’s completed, you’ll die. The gameplay is simple, but challenging and addicting. Will you play it safe and create tiny shapes, or go for broke and try to eliminate giant chunks?


Cubixx is free this week for PlayStation Vitas and other compatible PlayStation Mobile devices. Not sure how to access the PlayStation Mobile store? Click here. Don’t have a Vita or compatible mobile device? Cubixx HD is available on the PS3 as well. You can download it from the PlayStation Store for $9.99.


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