Rockman Xover Screenshot 1

I’m assuming most of you reading this know about the whole Rockman Xover kerfuffle that happened several months ago. For those that don’t know, Rockman Xover is a mobile game by Capcom that has its main character automatically running, with the only controls being “jump” and “shoot.” This game was billed by Capcom as part of the franchise’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Mega Man fans got fed up with this. So fed up, in fact, that some made a flash-based version of the game to show how little effort was put into it. Capcom seemed to take notice—or, at least Capcom USA’s Senior Vice-President Christian Sven did. He went to a Capcom Unity thread regarding whether or not Rockman Xover will be released internationally.

“Based upon the largely negative feedback from MM fans, I’ve requested that we place any Americas release on hold for the time being. We will revisit at a later date.”

So there you have it. For once, fan outcry was loud enough to actually stop a game from being localized internationally. Keep in mind that this game is only part of a year-long celebration of the franchise, so the Blue Bomber’s fortunes may improve. We can only hope, anyways.


Kyle Emch
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