Agetec Agetec

For those of you who are currently suffering from the lack of new 3DS games, Agetec may have provided some temporary salvation. They are releasing two supernatural eShop titles this week, on January 31st, called Bloody Vampire and Witch’s Cat. Both look charming, visually appearing like a hybrid of Disgaea and Bubble Bobble.

According to early information, Bloody Vampire appears to be a platformer reminiscent of the Castlevania games released for the GBA and DS. In this game, you play as Latis and Cereza, a half vampire, and set off on a quest to ancient castle Verulia to ascertain why another vampire is invading the human world. As far as actual gameplay, you make use of 4 elements to destroy your enemies, such as Fire, Ice, Lightning and Dark magic, all of which function in different ways tactically. You can also transform into a bat and wolf *cough* to explore and interact with the castle. Besides the main quest, some sort of lengthy side quest is supposed to be available in the game, no doubt making the choice to buy a new eShop title far easier to make.

Agetec’s other new title, Witch’s Cat is a spin-off of the Rabi Lady series, which also released for the eShop. In this game, players play as Alicia, a cat transformed into a human who decides to help Alice and Rabi escape from Wonderland. Alicia makes use of magic to transform between cat and human forms to clear 50 different levels. Whereas Bloody Vampire is a RPG platformer, this title appears to be a platformer/puzzler, though no specific information is provided.

Either way, for those starved for good 3DS gameplay until Fire Emblem: Awakening releases, the eShop might be the place to look.


Josh Speer
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