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Let’s just start this new piece off by saying the following: this won’t be something you’re used to reading. South Korea has a reputation for not even getting all the games that we get here. Which in a way makes you glad we get the games we do, or that we live where we live, right? But that’s a whole other subject though, let’s get back on track. Ya’ll know it’s far too easy to get me off track.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is going to release in South Korea before we get it in North America or even Europe. Could this be the beginning of South Korea being in on the ground level of game releases? Or is this some kind of weird attempt at making European and North American gamers go, “Ohhh, no fair! We want that, now!” Perhaps it’s something more like, “Wow! If this is that awesome that they are releasing it seemingly everywhere then the game must rock!” Get the hype up? Not that is needs it as this game is already greatly anticipated.

It could also be just a cool surprise for South Korea and we’re all reading far too much into it.  Since our release date for Animal Crossing: New Leaf  has just been said as Q1/Q2 in North American and Q2 in Europe, we may actually all be receiving the game around the same time. Either way, congrats to South Korea, whose official release date is now February 7, 2013. They will also be getting a special limited edition Animal Crossing: New Leaf  XL/LL bundle on the same day.

Crystal Colwell
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