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Might Rabbit Studios is certainly getting into the holiday spirit this year, as they just released the fourth episode of Saturday Morning RPG. Titled Ho Ho Hood, this episode is going to be Christmas-themed. You’ll get to fight “ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future”, you’ll have access to a couple new weapons straight out of A Christmas Story, and you’ll get to visit a pirate-run toy store called Toys ARRRRRR Us. No word on whether they will have Tickle-Me Elmos or not at this time.

I’ve already reviewed the first three episodes of Saturday Morning RPG. Despite some flaws, I really enjoy this game so far, and I’d recommend you to at least give it a look. As always, the game is available on iOS as an episodic title for $2 per episode (except for the first episode) or for $6 for all the present and future episodes.


“Hello everyone! To celebrate the season I’m proud to announce the impending release of the Saturday Morning RPG Christmas Special – Episode 4 “Ho Ho HOOD”!

Commander Hood has stolen Christmas from the citizens of Shadow Valley and hoarded their gifts in his Antarctic hideout – the dreaded Terror Tower! It’s up to Marty to save Christmas and return the town’s gifts!

As always this exciting new episode includes all-new nostalgic items for use in battle – including a decoder ring and a carbine-action two-hundred shot range model air rifle (with a compass in the stock)! These two new items introduce deadly new strategies into battle, some of which may or may not result in you shooting your eye out.

There is also a range of new enemies to fight including the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future! Players can also explore new environments like Shadow Valley’s “Toys ARRRRRR Us” (a pirate owned toy store that sells stolen toys) and a vast stretch of Antarctic wasteland on the approach to Commander Hood’s Terror Tower HQ.

In addition to that, players can partake in a number of side quests ranging from helping a bounty hunter take out two bandits named Harry and Marv to helping someone empty their RV’s “waste” into the town’s storm drain. There is also an amazing new Christmas song by our composer, Vince DiCola (of Rocky IV and Transformers: The Movie fame).

The Saturday Morning RPG Christmas Special is a free update to anyone who already owns the deluxe edition (or deluxe upgrade) of Saturday Morning RPG. Players can also purchase the Christmas Special separately at the standard episode price of $1.99. The new update will be available to download this week.

I hope you all have a happy holiday! If you would like a promo code to download the deluxe edition of the game, please let me know!”


Kyle Emch
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