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Square Enix Reveals MMO Browser Game, Star Galaxy

Several days ago, Square Enix opened up a teaser website with a countdown listed for a ‘secret title.’  We reported on it yesterday.
As it turns out, the title in question is in fact Star Galaxy, which is a trademark that Square Enix had recently filed in Japan.

The game is a massively multiplayer browser game, where up to 2,000 people can fight on the same battlefield, developed for Yahoo! Japan Games service.

Go here to find out about being a beta tester for the game between 12/12 and 12/18. (it’s in Japanese, but if you use your browser’s translation feature, it will translate the page perfectly).

Watch the trailer for Star Galaxy: 

Character Art:

This may come as a disappointment to those who were hoping for a grand console adventure, let alone the next Star Ocean game.  While it is a disappointment to have your biggest fears come true (Square Enix teaser sites only amounting to either iOS or browser games), the premise of Star Galaxy actually sounds quite interesting, if not a bit inspired in some way by the likes of Blizzard’s Starcraft.  It might be best to temper any kind of expectations that arise from a teaser countdown website from now on.  It seems a logical reasoning to believe that the next grand RPG adventures would be revealed at some kind of gaming expo or press event by Square Enix itself, where the company can show off videos and speak about the game.

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