In an interview with CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama of CyberConnect2, he was asked a question by game and anime related website at the anime and manga convention Salon del Manga de Barcelona this weekend about a possible sequel for Solatorobo: Red the HunterHe stated that they are indeed at work on a sequel, but can’t give out any concrete details on what platform (or platforms) that the game will appear on or an official release date.

Solatorobo ( or Sore Kara CODA e as it known in Japan) was a Nintendo DS  game that was also the spiritual successor to the PlayStation 1 game Tail Concerto, which was developed by Matsuyama when him and his team were under Square at the time.  Both titles had RPG elements and included anthropomorphic animals as its characters, and were set in the Little Tail Bronx, the universe where both the two games and supposedly the new game takes place. Nintendo of Europe localized Solatorobo back in July of 2011, while XSEED localized and released it back in September of 2011.

Hiroshi Matsuyama has expressed interest in making a continuation of the story for the Little Tail Bronx universe for quite awhile now so it must be a major relief that he can finally state that it’s finally happening. As a fan of the original Tails Concerto and Solatorobo, I am quite ecstatic about the news. Hopefully we will hear more about this in the coming months.

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David Fernandes
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