Bravely Default

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is getting a release as a digital version on the 3DS eShop on November 1st.  So, as of the publishing of this article, it should be available due to the time difference.  It was released on October 11th in physical form, and reports indicate that the game is selling out.  The current sales figures, according to Media Create, has it selling over 200,000 units and as the top selling non-new game this past week.

The download version will cost 5,400 yen (which comes to a little over $67 USD) as opposed to the physical release price of 6090 yen (about $76).  This is a bold move by Square Enix to ensure their product is available to gamers even in times of a shortage.  There is still however no word on if there will be a release outside of Japan for either the hard copy or digital releases.


Chris Stollings
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