Good news for Animal Crossing fans!  Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS will have free DLC (downloadable content)!  Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has stated that he feels having paid DLC for Animal Crossing may change the gameplay, the money aspect warping the original experience.  He was very strongly against the idea, thinking that it might make the entire game experience “unwholesome”.  After President Iwata talked with the team for Animal Crossing, together they completely ruled out the possibility of paid DLC.  As Iwata stated earlier in an interview with Kotaku, he hopes to implement DLC in a way that “consumers do not feel that they have been cheated or deceived.”  And it looks like Iwata thinks that including paid DLC at all in New Leaf will violate those principles.  So rest easy, if there is DLC for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, your wallet will never have to suffer because of it.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is one of many games in the Animal Crossing series.  Containing many customizable features, it will be coming out in Japan on November 8, 2012, and is scheduled for a North American release sometime within the first half of 2013.  Take a look at the trailer below!


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