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In a surprise announcement made by Emily Rogers, a new game will be heading to the WiiU eShop next year.  The game is called Two Brothers, and is being developed by Akk Studios, an up-and-coming indie developer that recently got the confirmation that they will be a WiiU developer.  There was also word of another game, a “3D RPG” that is being considered for the system as well.

Two Brothers was created with a particular style in mind- it emulates the GameBoy in terms of color and detail, but still embodies a more modern artistic expression available by better technology.  According to Emily Rogers’ blog, the visual style plays an important role in the core idea behind the game.

The game’s main idea, in fact, revolves around a quest to find color.  The main character, Roy Guarder, has had a near death experience in which he was able to see a world full of color, unlike the one he lives in currently.  His brother, Bivare, is also pulled into the journey as well.  The game is said to be an action/rpg, in the same vein as Secret of Mana and The Legend of Zelda.


 Studying the images, the artistic style is very clear.  The game has a very distinct ‘throwback’ characteristic, but with a new and exciting direction.  It looks like it pays homage to a lot of games that many of us grew up playing, particularly those from Nintendo and Squaresoft.  The game is said to be in development for Xbox 360, WiiU, PC, OSX and Linux.  And if one thing is clear, this shows that Nintendo is trying harder this generation to reach out to independent developers.
Akk Studios’ next game will make an appearance at Pax East 2013 in March; keep an eye out then for an announcement about which systems the new game will be developed for.

For full details on Two Brothers and Akk Studios, head to the Not Enough Shaders website, and also the Akk Studios website.

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