Tales of the World Tactics Union is a self-described simulation RPG which combines strategic gameplay with the intuitive touch screen controls of a smartphone. It takes everyone’s favorite characters from various Tales of games and combines them into an entirely new story! Tales of the World Tactics Union is set in Revalia, a world created through dreams.

In this update we see the addition of a new stage: The Ridge of Rage. The Ridge of Rage is described as “a land dominated by swift death” in which the wrath of heaven beats everything to its foundation.

Natalia incurs the wrath of heaven

If you are able to clear the Ridge of Rage level you will unlock three new characters to add to your party. Additionally, there is also the option to purchase the characters, if the Ridge of Rage defeats you. The three characters being added are as follows.

Tear Grants



Mystearica “Tear” Grants (Tales of the Abyss)
“Why should I believe you when you say we’re allies?”
Specializes in healing artes and light attacks. She may seem cold, but she melts when confronted with cute things.




Sparda Bellforme



Sparda Bellforme (Tales of Innocence)
“Yeah! I’ll pave the way for you guys! I’ll become the sword!”
Sparda’s fighting style revolves around dual swords. He has a loud personality that can give a bad impression.




Mr. Raven



Raven (Tales of Vesperia)
“Adding ‘Mister’ to ‘Raven’ is nuts! This informal old man hates it!”
An elusive old man. Raven is capable of close combat, but specializes in ranged combat with his bow and wind-based artes.




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