Congrats, SEGA!

Congrats, SEGA!

The newest entry in SEGA’s smash hit MMO, Phantasy Star Online 2, has already hit one million subscribers worldwide after launching just this past July. That’s a pretty big honor when contending with heavy-hitting competitors like Blizzard’s gargantuan World of Warcraft which, at last count, has 9 million subscribers.

SEGA isn’t taking the milestone lightly either. To celebrate their success, the Tokyo company is running some giveaways to show it’s fans and players some appreciation. 100 players will receive some sort of prize just for playing between the dates of October 17th and November 7th, but the big prize goes to two other lucky PSO2 players: a custom-designed Alienware M14x laptop decked out in PSO2 artwork. In addition, SEGA will be giving out concert tickets, T-shirts, and 25th anniversary soundtrack collections to help commemorate the momentous event.

Good on you SEGA!

While us westerners won’t be getting any of this awesome loot we can revel in the fact that, come next year, North America will get an official release of Phatasy Star Online 2. Mark your calendars, people. Who knows? Maybe we can get in on the giveaway prize action if the American release pushes those numbers up to two million!

Phantasy Star Online 2 is still sleighted for an “early 2013” release in the United States and Europe.


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