Code of Princess
Code of Princess
Behold! The cast of Code of Princess.

Code of Princess was released yesterday in the United States. This left many fans wondering when or if the game will be released in Europe. Here’s some good news! The game has been confirmed to get a PAL release by Agatsuma Entertainment, most notable for their release of Guardian Heroes in the PAL territories. This is interesting, given the parallels between the two games. Code of Princess feels like a spiritual successor to Guardian Heroes in terms of gameplay.

Agatsuma Entertainment released a statement:
“We are planning to release the title in the European territory but [it is] taking some time [to close] the deal. So please be patient”

Unfortunately, there is no further information, nor a set release window for this game. But…better late than never, right? Code of Princess is a game that’s been flying under the radar for many a gamer. Hopefully this news will spark interest for our friends in the UK!  Perhaps this news is indicative of an ongoing plan to release ATLUS games in the UK. Devil Survivor: Overclocked and Devil Survivor 2 are coming their way as well!


Chris Stollings
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