Knight of the Earthends

Kemco has released an English-language trailer for the Android version of WorldWideSoftware‘s 16-bit-style turn-based RPG Knight of the Earthends. Originally released as 「最果ての騎士 -Verse of Galaxy Abyss-」 in 2010 for Japanese cell phones, enhanced ports were produced for Android and iOS early 2012 featuring touch controls, support for higher resolutions, and Sony Xperia PLAY support (Android version only). No release date has been revealed, but the Google Play listing says the English version is “coming soon.”

Graphically, judging from the trailer, Knight of the Earthends looks very similar to Kemco’s earlier RPG Symphony of Eternity. The UI and environment graphics look derived from those of the latter, and the attack graphics (i.e., punching, clawing, slashing, magic bolts, etc.) look directly lifted from it. Even the attack sound effects sound the same. This could suggest a link to the Symphony of Eternity world, or it could merely be the developers recycling the graphics and some sound effects.

The Japanese price is ¥840, equivalent to US$10.68 as of this writing. However, Kemco-published English Android RPGs tend to enjoy lower pricing in some regions, including the United States and Canada (typically US/CA$2.99 and US/CA$3.99), so it is possible Knight of the Earthends will also be priced lower internationally.


Oscar Tong
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