SEGA recently put out some details on their next update to Phantasy Star Online 2. It has been dubbed Call of Mortality. The update will be released on October 10th and will add the following features to the game:

  • Subclass System
  • Level cap extended to 50
  • Quest difficulty “Very Hard” added
  • Rare Bosses
  • New Interrupt Event: Storm of Gifts (Enter Mr. Anbura!)
  • New weapons, Photon Arts and Technics

Other PSO2 happenings this month include:

  • Halloween Event
  • New AC Scratch Cards

More information on the Halloween Event and new AC Scratch Cards will be released mid-October.

Subclass System
The subclass system allows you to use the weapons and techniques of two classes. In order to unlock this ability you must complete a specific Client Order (an objective given by an NPC outside the Quest Counter).

Rare Boss Enemies
During expeditions through the new “Very Hard” quest difficulty, you can now find “Rare bosses.” These bosses will be a different color from their normal counterparts. They will also be much stronger and have exclusive drops.

New Interrupt Event: Storm of Gifts
New character Mr. Anbura will appear in this new Interrupt Event. If you and your group are able to satisfy him, you will get a special reward. If you make him angry something terrible will happen. Right now it is unknown how to avoid the terrible thing, or what the special reward will be.

New Weapons, Photon Arts and Technics
Also coming are some new Weapons, Photon Arts and Technics. Some pictured below:

 A Sword type weapons for Hunters. 



Embedded below is the trailer for the Call of Mortality Update. Watch it to see all the new features in action!




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