Hironobu Sakaguchi has been taking a break from deep, massive RPGs like Lost Odyssey and The Last Story to make some smaller iOS titles. His latest one, Blade Guardian, just dropped on iOS yesterday. In an interview with Siliconera, he mentions that he made this game because he liked tower defense games.

“I am a big fan of tower defense games and I’ve been playing them on my iPhone. I started working on Blade Guardian with Kensuke Tanaka and the programmer, Tomoki Anazawa, whom I worked with at Square.  That was three years ago. We haven’t worked on it for a while but the release of Party Wave enabled us to finally finish it.”

Sakaguchi was also asked about where the gameplay hook – the ability to move special units called BLADEs into enemies and enemy bases with the gyro sensor – came from.

“Being able to not only wait for enemies but also to actively move the tower around – This idea came about from the beginning.  We came up with many different ideas of control methods but we eventually decided on the gyro sensor to control spheres.”

Will already gave his thoughts about Mistwalker’s first iOS outing Party Wave in his review. After downloading Blade Guardian myself, I can say that if you enjoy tower defense games, you’d do well to pick this title up, especially at its $0.99 price point. But that’s just me.


Kyle Emch
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