Good News! The Next game in the Disgaea series has been released in Japan! Ok News! It’s a mobile game! Weird news! It’s a card battle game! Released by Dione Entertainment, a subsidiary of Nippon Ichi Software, Disgaea: Makai Collection takes the demon filled setting of Disgaea and gives it all the fun of collecting digital cardboard in order to fight other digital cardboard. This is a strange change for Nippon Ichi Software, who have pretty much built an empire on the foundations of deeply intricate turn based RPGs. Stranger still, Nippon Ichi Software’s previous foray into mobile gaming kept to their standard deeply intricate formula. However, Disgaea: Makai Collection does take some hints from its more traditional predecessors, in that players can reincarnate the cards they’ve collected into different cards, as well as level up said cards by fighting the various denizens of the netherworld.

Rather than hailing from any specific game in the series, Disgaea: Makai Collection seems to be a dream match of sorts, peppering its roster of collectable cardboard with characters from all four games in the Disgaea series. It is currently unknown if Disgaea: Makai Collection will eventually make its way outside of Japan, though considering that it is currently being released through the Japanese social gaming service GREE, it could go either way. Disgaea: Makai Collection is now available in Japan on select phones, and will soon be available on select smartphones.


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