It has been revealed that Square-Enix will release a new patch for their MMORPG Dragon Quest X. This patch will not only take care of a few bugs and fixes, but will also debut two new jobs available for play: Paladin and Ranger.

Both jobs have their advantages and play systems, the Paladin class plays like the standard fare seen in most Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest games, being able to cast white magic and having a top priority in protecting other party members. Paladins equipment will include hammers, staffs and lances.

Rangers will have a bit more focus on their health and far range combat. Like the Paladin class, Rangers will also have healing spells and have a skill that lets monsters attack each other. Their equipment consist of axes, boomerangs and bows.

The update will also introduce the home system for the game. This system will allow players buy a place of land to use as a base to restore health and store items.

This will be the first of many major updates for Dragon Quest X, released for the Wii on August 2 of this year with a Wii U version on the horizon.

No word on a release for the West as of yet.

Source: Siliconera

Kenzel Jones
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