Thanks to its success on the PS3 and strong player demand, SideQuest Studios’ turn-based strategy-RPG Rainbow Moon will be ported to the PS Vita, according to publisher EastAsiaSoft’s Nils Ngai. Ngai says the PS Vita version “will mostly be a direct port but we are keeping an eye on added functionality, including cross-saving support.”

It won’t come out until 2013, however, as development has only just begun. Ngai explains: “Because we aren’t using any third party engine or framework that was already designed to work on both platforms, we estimate that it will take us roughly nine months to port Rainbow Moon to the PS Vita, which is a very substantial amount of time.”

The price has yet to be determined, but Ngai says, “We are definitively looking into discounted options for customers that wish to purchase both release versions at the same time… we won’t be charging double the price if you want to buy both releases at the same time.”

In addition to Rainbow Moon for the PS Vita, Ngai reveals EastAsiaSoft and SideQuest Studios are working on an unannounced game planned for 2013 or 2014. “The target platform is still undecided and I can’t really reveal too many details as we are still in [the] early concept phase. All I can say is that it will tie in with our previous games and especially those who enjoyed Rainbow Moon are going to love it.”

But it won’t necessarily be a Sony exclusive. “We will continue to support PlayStation platforms in the future,” Ngai explains, “but not all of our upcoming games are automatically going to be PlayStation exclusives. We are keeping an eye on the market development and it will be interesting to see what the next console generation has to offer.”

For more information on Rainbow Moon, visit the official website or watch the trailer below:


Oscar Tong
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