During the Tokyo Game Show last week, Siliconera was there to try out the demo for Ace Attorney 5. One of the newest additions to the game was the “Heart Scope”. Similar to the Phoenix’s magatama in Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations, as well as Apollo Justice’s bracelet in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the Heart Scope looks to be adding another layer of depth to the traditional courtroom gameplay in this new adventure.

Phoenix’s new assistant Kokone uses the Heart Scope in Ace Attorney 5. As Siliconera explains, it “lets players see emotions when another character testifies. The Heart Scope can detect happy, sad, surprised, and angry. You can compare the emotions a witness expresses to the ones you expect they would have. If there’s a contradiction you can press for more information.”

“In the demo, Shinobu should have felt happy or relieved because she wasn’t injured during the bombing, but she was sad. Pointing out this contradiction pushes the demo forward, but the demo ended shortly after that.”

The release date for Ace Attorney 5 is still unknown at this time. Hopefully, when it is released in Japan, it will hit international audiences soon after. You can read Siliconera’s full impressions on the demo here.

Kyle Emch
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