The latest edition of Famitsu revealed additional friends and enemies in the Namco Bandai/Sega/Capcom crossover strategy RPG, Project X Zone. The magazine scans below include the new characters, as well as an image from each character from their respective game:

Batsu Ichimonji, left, Rival Schools: United By Fate/Project Justice; Vashyron, middle, Resonance of Fate; Alisa Bosconovitch, right, Tekken 6.


Juri, left, Super Street Fighter IV; Jedah Dohma, right, Darkstalkers 3

Riemsianne la Vaes, left, Shining Force EXA; Aya-me, bottom middle, Sakura Wars; Skeith, right, .hack

Note: I couldn’t find decent images of Riemsianne or Aya-me, but the Internet (read Google images and Wikipedia) tells me that Riemsianne has that red patterning and Aya-me is some form of fallen angel.

Heihachi Mishima, lower right, Tekken series; Neneko & Neito, left, Yumeria

Developers Monolith Soft and Banpresto are pulling characters from an extensive catalog of video game franchises. For a look at other characters in the game, check out the game’s official Japanese Web site, and our coverage below. The site is obviously in Japanese, but many of the characters are easy to recognize. Has your favorite character already been chosen? There are plenty to like, and I personally love me some Servbot action.

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