Do you love the art found within your favorite video games? Operation Rainfall has an update for those who love video game art books!

First off, if you would like to receive your copy of The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy, you need to preorder now. As previously mentioned on Operation Rainfall, The Sky has had an interesting history already. Currently the 750+ page artbook collection is no longer available for preorder on Amazon and Things From Another World (Dark Horse’s main reseller) has also removed the item. It is believed the product has reached its maximum preorder count, but Dark Horse has made no comment so far on the collection’s status. You can still preorder The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy from RightStuf, The Book Depository, and Amazon UK.

Next up is the Valkyria Chronicles 3: Complete Works artbook. It’s been announced that Udon Entertainment will be translating and publishing the artbook for English-speaking audiences! The item is currently on sale at Amazon.

And finally the Journey artbook has been made available for preorder at Blue Canvas. It will feature a hardcover binding and all artwork will be printed on high quality paper.

Try to preorder before these artbooks are gone forever!

Jared Cyhowski
[Former Staff] Jared is a recent graduate from Fitchburg State University where he studied communications, video production, and English. He enjoys playing video games, watching anime, writing, and of course pizza. His favorite games are Shadow of the Colossus and Final Fantasy IX, but he can’t possibly choose a favorite anime. Jared enjoys following the games industry and observing what will happen next, and he puts out an invitation for discussion on these topics. He loves a great story in these mediums and prefers a stronger narrative design over most features. Jared is personally responsible for creating and managing the Anime section of the website, and hopes to inspired and entertain with everything he writes.