UPDATE: A tweet from Brian Gray, one of the translators for The World Ends With You, recently tweeted that “before everyone decides that the #twewy coundown is over, they might want to wait for the countdown to be over”. Is there more to this teaser website than just an iOS/Android re-release of the game? I guess we’ll find out this coming Monday.


Remember that the teaser site related to The World Ends With You that was put up about a week ago? You know, the one that had tons of people anticipating a sequel to the game on the 3DS, or something? Well, Square accidentally revealed that isn’t for a sequel in the franchise, but for an iOS re-release. Whoops.

The details were leaked onto the product info for a new album called The World Ends With You – Crossover. It mentioned that the iOS version will contain tracks from Kingdom Hearts 3D. They have since deleted the comments from the page, but not before people took screenshots of it and leaked it all over the web.

This will undoubtedly disappoint a lot of people, considering that an iOS re-release isn’t really something you’d have a countdown for. But hey, at least The World Ends With You will get more exposure as a digital title on iOS, which is always nice. Not really sure how the combat is going to work on a single screen, though.


Kyle Emch
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