Square Enix recently revealed Bravely Default’s cover art which coincides with Square’s usual aesthetics.
A mysterious fairy with some *cough* interesting set of garbs. Joking aside,  it’s a sweet looking cover that matches well with the rest of the game’s beautiful art.

What’s more, it seems that, like our fabled game, Pandora’s Tower, Bravely Default will be released in a sleek, all-black case. Though it does raise a few questions… Not only did Pandora’s Tower get a black case, but so did another Wii game, Zangeki no Reginleiv (another game I wished got localized). The game had a rating of Cero – D, while for Pandora’s Tower it had the rating Cero – C. It seems a selection of games on the Nintendo 3DS with anything above Cero – B rating might be getting the black case treatment now.

Bravely Default is set for release on October 11th in Japan. (Check here for details)

David Fernandes
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