In an attempt to combat dwindling subscription numbers and increase the accessibility of the game, Bioware recently announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic will offer a free-to-play subscription option for gamers this fall. Subscription numbers for the game have recently fallen below 1 million.

Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer for the MMORPG, said in the developer’s blog, “We quickly became aware that our subscription only model was a major barrier for a lot people who wanted to become part of The Old Republic universe. In fact, many players who have left the game said they would happily come back if they could play without the commitment of a monthly fee.”

According to the company’s press release, current subscribers will have unlimited access to all of the game’s content and will also receive grants of “Cartel Coins,” in-game currency, that can be used to purchase items, gear and other features. New subscribers have the option to play for free, but with content restrictions. The game will be available at a discounted $14.99 this August, with a one-month free subscription.

Bioware is also preparing new content for the change, including a new operation, a new mission series, space combat missions, a new companion and a new warzone.

Will these changes finally make the force strong with this one?


Scott MacDonald
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