Namco Bandai has announced their plans for the Ni No Kuni‘s Wizard’s Edition, that was announced late last month. They call this plan, Ninostarter, and it involves tracking the number of pre-orders in North America, and determining what goes into the packages based on those numbers. This will be done through their own site Club Namco, which is where the Wizard’s Edition is sold exclusively for North America. They have stated that with more pre-orders, new bonuses will be unlocked, and those bonuses will be added items for the already amazing package, at no extra cost.

“As the Wizard’s Edition pre-order numbers rise, additional Wizard’s Edition items will be unlocked when pre-established levels of pre-orders are reached,” Namco explained in a statement. Pre-orders will be accepted on Club Namco until August 31st, at which point the program will end.

For those unbeknownst to what the original preorder packag of the  Wizard’s Edition includes, the game comes with a 300-page hardcover book called the Wizard’s Companion (That’s fully translated), a Drippy plush doll, and exclusive downloadable content including the Golden Mite and Golden Drongo familiars. (Link)

Ni no Kuni will be released exclusively for PlayStation 3 in North America on January 22, 2013. While the PAL region will be able to get their hands on it January 25, 2013.


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