After nearly two years of localization problems, LA-MULANA is finally available as a PC download in English. Previously available for the Nintendo WiiWare service only in Japan, the retro-styled action/adventure platform game has been localized by the up-and-coming “indie games localization specialist”, Playism (, as their debut title.

LA-MULANA was created by Japanese indie developer, Nigoro, as a free-to-play PC game and was then ported to the Japanese WiiWare service in 2010. The game was then scheduled to be localized in the west by Nicalis (who also localized Cave Story for WiiWare and VVVVVV for 3DS), but was abruptly cancelled due to a “declining user base on the WiiWare service”.

Many fans of retro-style games had been eagerly looking forward to a chance to play the game in English, which is what led Playism to pick up the title to mark their grand opening. LA-MULANA is avaiable for $14.99 (US) and can be purchased directly from the Playism website.

The PC version is only available to Windows users, is compatible with most USB gamepads, and features several new areas and features not available in the original free PC version or Japanese WiiWare version.

Although Nicalis has stated that their English version has been cancelled, Nigoro have stated that there is still a possibility that the game could still be localized for WiiWare, although those plans have not been completely finalized, and even if it does happen, it will not include all the extras contained in the PC release. [SOURCE]



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