A boat load of new information about Falcom’s envisioning of the fourth entry in the Ys series, Ys Celceta: Sea of Trees, has been revealed. This includes new characters and locations, battle system details, and “Personal actions.”

On the gameplay front, a component of the battle system, known as “Hirameki” is detailed. As part of this “Hirameki,” characters permanently learn new skills in the heat of battle. These skills can be equipped to the character later.

Also detailed are “Personal actions.” These are unique abilities possessed by the different characters that aid in exploring the environment. For example, busting bridges or jimmying locks.


The two new characters are named “Ozma” and “Canlilica.” Their character art was also revealed.

Oh, a spear. That’s pretty normal, but…
Is that a lantern?


Also revealed were two towns, “Highland, the town of wisdom,” and “Selray, the settlement on the great river.”


Ys Celceta: Sea of Trees will release in Japan on September 27th for the Playstation Vita. No North American release date has been announced, but given XSEED Games’ track record with the series, I wouldn’t count it out.

If you’re not quite sold on getting a Vita, would a Western release for Ys Celceta push you over the edge?


Devin Kotani
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