-Players can Choose a Life of Adventure or a Normal Life
TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – Sakura River Interactive is announcing their crowdfunding campaign launch for their next PC/Mac title “Don’t Save the World: An RPG” where players can say “no” to saving the world. With a target goal of $35 000 USD; they aim to be one of the first to create the next generation of interactive storylines.

-True Choices that are Genre-Changing
In “Don’t Save the World” players will be given true genre-changing choices in where they get to choose their own goal. They can choose to be a hero or a magic shop manager or a bit of both. Why save the world when you can let someone else do it for you?

-Sequence Breaking and Subverting the Hero’s Story Encouraged
Subverting the typical hero story and sequence breaking will be heavily encouraged. Telling the hero to go on a quest, reaching the last area in the first in-game day, stopping or slowing down the hero, and obtaining an ultimate weapon without a single battle will all be possible.

-Moral Choices to New Heights without Morality Meters
“Don’t Save the World: An RPG” aims to take moral choices to new heights. There will be no morality meters at all.

However, Sakura River Interactive promises that some players trying to do “good” will definitely try to stop the hero by their own will.

The hero’s goal? Defeat the Dark Lord. In this scenario the player has not chosen to become the hero, the hero is definitely a good person, and the Dark Lord will end the lives of many innocents if not taken care of. Players can always choose not to stop the hero by doing nothing in game. Yet some of those trying to do good are willfully going to try to stop the hero.

This is why morality meters can’t work in this game.

-Mystery, Plot-Twists and the Game of Trust

Sakura River will be bringing the style of mysteries and plot-twists from “Fading Hearts” into “Don’t Save the World”. Once again players will be surprised and caught off-guard by the unexpected ways that they can change the story. The combination of true choices, potential lies from characters you meet, and the chance to actually prevent betrayals will give players an experience of a game of trust.

-Start Experiencing the Next Generation of Interactive Storylines
With all of these features, “Don’t Save the World:An RPG” aims to become one of the first games in the next generation of interactive storytelling. The next generation where player’s choices have a strong, sometimes genre-changing impact on the the story.

Sakura River invites all gamers who have ever experienced a promise of interactive choices from a video game before to pledge at our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. There are many great perks. One of which includes getting a digital copy of one of our previous games.

ABOUT SAKURA RIVER INTERACTIVE: Sakura River Interactive ( is an indie game studio that specializes in interweaving gameplay and interactive stories. They have released two games so far, Fading Hearts and Infinite Game Works. Fading Hearts received high reviews around 80% praising the great freedom, player choices, and interactive story.

Don’t Save the World: An RPG
Systems: PC/Mac
Genre: RPG, Management-Sim, Daily-Life Sim
Tentative Retail Price: $20.00

Crowdfunding IndieGoGo
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