Following the release of a new trailer for Monster Hunter 4, this week’s Famitsu magazine was found to contain more information on this excellent-looking game from Capcom.

Here, you can see the hunter jumping on top of a large monster.

Some of you may be sad to hear that Monster Hunter 4 will be without water segments or underwater fights. There will also be a new array of weapons and armour at your disposal. Additionally, the base camp will be able to move, similar to a caravan of sorts, and the game will contain a free camera.

It will once again be possible to take Felynes with you into the field, and there will be some new features regarding the Felynes. It has been reported that Monster Hunter 4 will contain the largest cast of NPCs as yet seen in the series.

As shown in the trailers, monsters will now use the land formations around them when attacking. The player will be able to do this as well, notably gaining the ability to jump off high ground and on to a monster down below. And yes, it is now possible to grab on to monsters, although it is not yet known whether the player will be able to ride monsters, or just latch on to them.

Monster Hunter 4 can support up to four players via local play. There is no word regarding online play as of yet.

Ryozo Tsujimoto is reported to be the producer, and Kaname Fujioka the director.

Monster Hunter 4 is set to be released in Japan in 2013. Stay tuned to Operation Rainfall for details, and if you haven’t already, check out the trailer that was released a few days ago!


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