Fun fact: I was originally going to write an opinion piece about my concerns with the new Adventure Time game for the DS/3DS. The piece was mainly going to be about how little information about the game we have to go on, despite being so close to launch. No sooner did I mention this to my co-workers when I discovered that new information about the game had been revealed. Well, so much for that idea.

Zelda Informer has just recently revealed a piece of concept art and some screenshots for the game. According to the latest edition of Nintendo Power, the game was inspired by Zelda II.

As of this writing, I don’t have access to the latest issue of Nintendo Power. I haven’t renewed my subscription yet and none of the stores in my area even have a copy. I asked Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid fame if he had any more info from Nintendo Power about the game. He told me that there wasn’t much else, aside from Penn Ward writing the story for the game. So, if nothing else, the story will at least be hilariously entertaining. Thanks again to Jonathan Holmes for the heads-up!


Kyle Emch
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