This information comes from an investor who attended the Nintendo Share Holder Meeting that took place not too long ago: Apparently, Nintendo is set to reveal a ton of information about the Wii-U this fall, including but not limited to, the console’s price, launch date, and 2013 lineup. The original tweet from this investor suggested this information was to be revealed in September, but he later sent out a tweet suggesting a less specific time-frame.

Operation Rainfall isn’t usually inclined to report on rumors, but given the speculated November launch date, sometime during September / the fall would probably be ideal. Given the recent announcement that there are still a few more Nintendo Direct presentations to be aired throughout 2012, it seems likely that Wii-U information will be revealed in that way.

All of the Wii-U titles shown off during E3 were “launch window”. Will the rumored “2013 lineup” contain any surprises? Will Nintendo offer news of the next Smash Bros, Zelda, or even Retro’s latest game? Share your thoughts with us!

Rest assured, Operation Rainfall will report more on this news as it develops.


Jonathan Higgins
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