For the next couple of weeks, niche game lovers have a few games to look forward to.  First on the list is for tomorrow:

Yes, there WILL be marriage, there WILL be war, and there WILL be bosoms.

Record of Agarest War 2
Developer: Idea Factory and Red Entertainment
Release Date: June 26th in North America  (July 7th for Europe)
Platform: PS3
Price: $49.99 SE, $59.99 LE



Purchase now at Gamestop or Amazon and you can choose either a standard edition, or Limited Edition with a hand towel, an artbook and an…erm…blowup doll!  Just the perfect thing every otaku needs!


Next on the list is an unusual blend of Final Fantasy and Rhythm gaming madness:

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
Developer:  indieszero/Square Enix
Release Date: July 3rd in North America (July 6th for Europe)
Platform: 3DS
Price: $39.99



For all those in need of a Nobuo Uematsu fix, this may just do the trick.


Last but not least, we have another game coming to steal our money and put our rhythm skills to the test:

Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure
Developer: Xeen/Sega
Release Date: July 10th in North America (available now in Europe)
Platform: 3DS
Price: $29.99

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Those who think they might be rhythm’ed out should still take a look at Rhythm Thief, which has been getting good reviews in Europe.

Clinton Nix
Former Volunteer- Clinton started following the movement back when it was still being hosted on the IGN message boards and with the Amazon push of Monado. He’s also an audio engineer, studying in Seattle and waiting for his big break into the world of audio (but not to the detriment of video game writing, of course).