Originally released on the Sega Saturn and PlayStation 1, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers now makes its way to the Nintendo 3DS, but this time with even more upgrades then when it first re-released. Revealed by Famistu, the enhanced port will feature around 30 new demons not found in the original console releases.



One of the new demons that was shown, Nemecchi,  unlike most demons, she uses the Nintendo 3DS feature StreetPass to grow stronger, and evolve instead. She starts off like a wisp, then a cute kitten-like form, then she loses the cat features and turns bipedal with tentacles.

While not new, Pixie appears with her original design for the previous Devil Summoner title. While the Jack bros.(Jack Ripper is still missing in action) are shown to don new wardrobes, Jack Frost has variant outfits; it’s a surprise to see even Pyro Jack get a new outfits as well, usually he plays second bananas or just simply is left in the shadow of his more famous compatriots. You can see more on the game’s official website.


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