Bravely Default’s composer is revealed as well as a sweet Soundtrack Collection. The music is made by Revo, who is the leader of the Japanese music group, Sound Horizon. The music collection not only has the game’s soundtrack but also a few originals inspired from the game.

The first piece of the album will be released on August 22, in Japan, but the rest of the soundtrack collection will be released at around the same of the game, which has yet to be revealed.

Anyway, the complete collection (Shown left in the left image) won’t likely be released anytime soon, but the album (shown right in the left image) is the one that is going on be released in Japan on August 22. It will also contain a code for in-game equipment, so remember to save it, if you somehow get your hands on it.

Now the curious thing about the picture on the album is that it shows a fourth character, that strangely enough hasn’t been revealed on Bravely Default’s website.

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