One of the PS2’s greatest games is getting a PS3 makeover.

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Capcom confirmed that it will release a high-definition port of Okami for the PS3 in Japan later this year – with a US digital release along the way, according to a recent Capcom press release.

In Japan, the port is called Okami: Zekkie-ban (Okami: Magnificent Version) and will include PlayStation Move support along with HD graphics. In addition, first-print copies of the game in Japan will include a digital copy of the Okami artbook Okami: Youjuu Giga E-maki (Okami: Wicked Caricature). This physical release hits Japan on November 1 for ¥3990 (about $50 US).

The United States version will be titled Okami HD and will retail on the PlayStation Network for $19.99.

A PAL release date has not been announced at this time. Expect news to follow in the coming weeks.



Will Whitehurst
Will joined the Operation Rainfall Campaign soon after news broke of that infamous French interview about Xenoblade. Subsequently, he got actively involved and became a staff member in July/August 2011. He is currently the head of the Japanese translation team, and loves to play, discuss, debate and learn more about games. Will gravitates towards unconventional action games and RPGs, but plays pretty much anything except Madden. He is also currently attending college, honing his Japanese skills and preparing for medical school. (Coincidentally, Trauma Center is one of his favorite game series of all time.)