Fire Emblem: Awakening is coming to America as we all know, and we have so many reasons to be excited for this game to come our way. Fire Emblem stands as one of Nintendo’s greatest franchises, so having another entry coming our way, shows that Fire Emblem has a place in in the Western market.

Some people might not know about the story, so we’ll tell you:
The main character is Chrom, who is the prince of the Holy Kingdom of Iris, which was established by Marth a very long time ago, after his defeat of the dragon Medeus. The Holy Kingdom is a peaceful kingdom, but the neighboring country of Perezia is causing trouble, and undead creatures are starting to swarm the land, and it’s Chrom’s duty, together with his sister, Liz, and many others to fight against them. Another character in the story is the mysterious masked man, who claims to be Marth.

There is another main character and that is My unit.  My unit is either a male or female based on your decision. You choose what your character can look like, and customize it for you own liking, like hairstyles and such. Also, it doesn’t matter who you choose to be your character’s look, because they all start off their Job class as Strategists. Your character will also be able to marry anyone, as long as they are of the opposite gender. Your characters start off into the game laying on the side of the road, unconscious and suffering amnesia. Chrom and his group take you in, and you’re pretty much a part of the team from there.



The different female/male looks for “MyUnit”.


Fire Emblem: Awakening has place for new people to the series by having adjustable difficulty levels, so this is really great for newcomers because Fire Emblem is known for being difficult.

They are as follows: Casual, Normal, Hard and Lunatic.
The easiest setting will be great for those who need to learn about the strategy for the game, and that’s because your teammates won’t suffer the infamous permadeath; they will come back after the map has been cleared, so no worries if you lose your strongest fighter, or favorite character.
The Lunatic mode is said to be excruciatingly difficult, even for the most experienced of the series.

As many might know, Fire Emblem features the dual system, which makes it possible for two units to battle together against an enemy. The dual system can help boost a characters stat depending on who they’re teaming up with; a swordsman can give their partner a boost in agility, and some can boost strength, defense, etc.
The dual system also has another function besides support on the battle field, and that is an affinity system. When two units battle together they might develop a relationship with each other, which will not only improve battle performance, but also marriage between them. It’s a lot like some past entries where your teammates can talk to each other, when they’re right next to each other.

One thing that will greatly add to the gameplay is the addition of a dynamic music system.  Where you are on the map and whether or not you are in a battle will influence what music plays and when it plays.   For example, the map’s piano music will turn into a brass version in battle.

In addition, you can recruit child soldiers.  No, I’m not joking.  The marriages you can arrange, as stated above, have a chance to result in a child that you can recruit.  The resulting child’s stats will be influenced by their parents and they will have their father’s hair.  This is called the Generation System and last appeared in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu.


Finally, there will be paid DLC for this Fire Emblem.  The most well known is Marth, who was free for a month, but the Japanese DLC will also have Roy, Leaf, Alm, Micaiah, Erika, Celice, Ephraim, and Elincia.  It is priced between 250 and 400 yen.  The characters and price are not yet announced for the NA version.


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