I suspect the reason that many of you who haven’t bought a 3DS yet have held off on that decision because you’re waiting for a price drop, a new color, a hardware revision, or any combination of the three. After all, the DS had all three of them happen every single year, so Nintendo’s bound to do the same with the 3DS, right? Well, as far as hardware revisions are concerned, you’re out of luck.

IGN reported that, according to Shigeru Miyamoto, they aren’t going to do a hardware revision this time around. In fact, they’re already hard at work on the next generation of handhelds. “I really feel like I’m satisfied with the 3DS hardware as it is. I feel like it’s the best for this generation. What we’re thinking about right now is probably going to be for a future generation of handheld.”

He stressed that there is still a lot more that can be done with the 3DS right now. And, when asked about a second Circle Pad for future 3DS models, he said that the system’s gyroscope could be used as a suitable replacement. I can only assume that he said this because he doesn’t know how awful that would be for camera controls, which is what the second stick is almost always used for.


Kyle Emch
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